5 Questions every Tech Newbie has

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Questions every Tech Newbie has

Trying out a new skill or career can be overwhelming, especially in an industry such as tech. This is because tech is so vast that most people don’t know where to fit in, especially tech newbies.

Interestingly, people make decisions to transition to tech every day. I checked Google trends and discovered that for every hour, 100 people make enquiries about tech skills.

Technology isn’t new; however, the pandemic contributed to making us aware of the things around us, the difficulties we face at work, the skill gap in certain fields, and many more. More people are starting to embrace these tech skills, which gives them an edge in their professional field.

As helpful as tech is, people, find it difficult to start a career in it, especially newbies who have no prior knowledge of how to use technological tools. This doesn’t mean people with this knowledge know how to pick a career in tech as well. Their confusion is palpable because they know of their existence but do not know how to begin.

This article will answer questions that newbies in tech have. The last one is a bonus but very important.

Here goes:

1. What are the skills in tech?

Once you decide to enter the tech space, the next question is how to go about it.

You can join the tech space in numerous ways.

First, you need to research the skills available in tech. As I mentioned earlier, tech is vast, and whatever skill you choose, know that there’s a demand for that skill.

Cybersecurity, for example, has a huge skill gap. We all have our data scattered all over the internet. A security analyst will always be needed to ensure our data is safe.

You can also consider technical sales or technical writing as well.

Click in-demand skills in tech for more tech skills. Before you decide on that tech skill, do in-depth research to help you narrow down your choices.

2. How do I join the tech space?

After deciding on a tech skill, the next thing is to start learning. Again, do not forget to research your chosen industry.

Every tech skill has depth to it. Check to see if you are ready to take the necessary steps to be an expert in that field. You can start via online courses, boot camps, or even internships. I spoke about this more in-depth here.

3. What are the criteria needed in the tech space?

Tech is very accommodating. What you need is the “CAN DO” mindset. If you keep doubting yourself, you’ll have panic attacks throughout your learning phase and probably won’t see it through.

Be ready to learn, and understand that learning never stops. Enjoy your learning process because there’s so much to learn. There will always be challenges, but ensure you make a conscious effort to get to where you want to be.

Have the right mindset, be teachable, and trust me, you are ready to be a techie.

4. Do I need tools?

A farmer won’t go to the farm without his tools.

Depending on what it is you want to learn, you need tools. a laptop, a mobile device, and, of course, a data connection. Most of what you learn will require you to stay connected.

You can learn some skills using smartphones, such as graphic design, video editing, animation, etc. You can start with what you have till you have enough to get a laptop.

If you are determined to learn, the tools will show up. A friend of mine borrowed a laptop to learn data analysis. It took her six months before she could get hers.


You’ll get a laptop later.

5. How long before I become a professional?

It may be a month, two, three, or even six months. There’s no set time for being a professional. It is dependent on your determination and your learning pace.

Even professionals are still learning. Remember number 3? Learning never stops.

Focus on being the best version of yourself in that field, and you’ll be amazed at your growth.

These are the major questions tech newbies have. However, there’s just one more they can’t resist asking due to their fear.

Will I require coding skills?

Not all tech skills require coding. Take for example 2d/3d animation, graphics design, UI/UX design, project management, product management and many more.
Click No code skills in tech to see more of them.

You must be determined in your decision to transition to tech. Give yourself 50 awesome claps for reading to this point. What other questions do you have about transitioning to tech? Do share in the comments or reach out to me.



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