No Codes Skills in Tech

Asiloku Titilayo
3 min readJun 16, 2022


It’s 2022, yet, you are still not embracing skills, especially tech skills.

Oh, you are worried about coding?

Comrade, let me take you through some skills in tech that do not require coding.

  1. UX Design:

I’m partial to this one because it’s my baby.

I recently ventured into UX design and words are not enough to express the delight I’ve gotten from it.

UX design (User Experience Design) keeps the users at the heart of everything that is being designed. This is because it focuses on the user and their pain point, thereby, using the information to create a user-friendly product or update it.

User experience design begins at the very start of an idea and goes all the way through the lifetime of your product.

UX design focuses on the functionality and usability of a website or mobile application. Check here to know more about UX design

2. UI Design:

We definitely can’t talk about UX design without talking about UI (User Interaction) design.

Think of something you’ve gotten because its package is appealing. It could be cookies or chocolates or a wristwatch, anything. That beautiful package is likened to UI design.

The user interface focuses on how a product should look. A UI designer designs the layout of a website or software as well as the aesthetics.

Some people refer to it as Graphic design with more complexities.
UI and UX design are different, they work together to ensure a good user experience.

3. Technical Writing:

You didn’t think I’ll leave this out, did you?

The more technology evolves, the more we need people to simplify its complexities. There will always be something new to update people about.

Think I’m wrong? Check out Microsoft and any other big tech firms. There’s always an update.

4. CyberSecurity:

I recently wrote an article for a client on cybersecurity and I’m blown away by the skill gap in it.

Cybersecurity as its name implies protects computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks.

Due to the amount of sensitive data we pass across every single day, there is a need for cybersecurity. This has created a gap in the skillset as there is a need for a Cybersecurity Analyst.

5. Software Testing:

When I was in school, I started a business of plantain chips. I’ve never made plantain chips before nor did I go for training on how to make them.

I fried some and took it to class so my friends can taste and tell me their thoughts about it. They did.

That’s exactly what software testing is about. After building a mobile app or software, it is given out to testers to check out the functionalities, usability and flow.

Software testers look out for glitches and possible improvements before or after the release.

There are numerous skills in tech so much so that they are inexhaustible.

Want to know more about these skills? I’ve got answers here.

If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. Take a bold step and have a chat with me.



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