She Transitioned to Tech


Hello again, it’s your favourite tech evangelist and glory to God, I won a soul over to tech.

The skill gap is closing little by little.

Sharing my growth in the tech space wasn’t primarily to convert people to tech but to update my friends about what I do and how I enjoy it.

I didn’t know I was stirring passion in people as well, suddenly, they are reaching out to me for tech advice and others tell me how proud they are of me.

This is me still new in the space and already advising like a pro.

Sadly, not everyone you advise will take up your advice. Some people won’t implement immediately, others will.

Fortunately, Aisha was one person who implemented the advice immediately. Aisha is my friend and course mate back in school, a corp member in Kwara state, Nigeria. She tells me how much she loves to be in the tech space but can’t.

I told her location can’t deter her from learning. She brought another excuse, “no gadgets”. I said to her, “Aisha, you can borrow a laptop from someone, but before then start with your phone”.

I asked about her interest in tech and she informed me about her love for data. She’d love to be a data analyst. I was excited for my friend.

We started research together. I didn’t leave her to do it alone. Luckily for us, Microsoft started training for people who have an interest in tech and data analysis was one of the courses offered. She jumped on it, registered and waited for a mail.

She was approved!!! She got a favourable mail! She attended all interviews and is currently learning data analysis.

Was it frustrating? Yes. She does not have a laptop yet, she borrowed a laptop. Other times, the workload and research are enough to make her quit.

However, she’s not a quitter. She remembered why she started. Remember, when there’s no passion, your why will keep you going. Consistency brings in passion.

My babe is smashing data analysis, she’s happy.

We’ve started the good work and very soon a laptop would be gotten.

I’m sharing my friend’s story to let you know that when you are determined, nothing can stand in your way.

With your mobile phone, you can start a career in tech. Tech is a process. You start from one point to another point. Every expert you see started from the unknown. I started from the unknown, Aisha too and we are on our way to becoming experts in our chosen fields.

I’m not going to glamorize tech for you because it is not all rosy. You will put in the work. There will be frustration, it’ll come knocking. Don’t let it in. Acknowledge it but do not let it in.

Keep your eyes on the goal and just like Aisha, you can find your place in tech as well.

I remain your humble tech guide. Do follow me on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. I’ve got different personalities on these pages. You’d love them.



Hi, I'm Titilayo. I'm all for sharing relatable stories and knowledge gained from the digital space. You can call me Reina

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Asiloku Titilayo

Hi, I'm Titilayo. I'm all for sharing relatable stories and knowledge gained from the digital space. You can call me Reina