The Awakening

Asiloku Titilayo
3 min readJun 8, 2022

You seem to love stories, especially about relationships because you are back here curious to know how I handled my relationship with tech.

In my previous post, I mentioned how I was focused on my job. Not because I love it but because it was a necessity. I was hell-bent on doing my job and counting the days, hours and seconds till I get back in bed with my first love.

I’m sure tech knew the love it was showing me wasn’t reciprocated.

I got praises for a job well done. I even got side gigs through tech but I still didn’t care.

Ever been in a relationship where your feelings weren’t reciprocated? Yeah, that feeling. I know how that feels and I was at the giving end. I just wanted out.

I was the epitome of a dedicated Corper, focused on pushing her Boss’ brand not realizing what was happening to her.

And it did happen. The awakening.

I’ve been so focused on doing my job and trying not to love it that I ended up loving it.

I practically think about it every day. It became a part of me without me knowing it. It was like a friend with whom I do everything and tell everything to.

I fell hard!

Who wouldn’t? Tech is all about problem-solving! It had all the answers and criticize my thinking.

It is inclusive, it doesn’t discriminate. It is unique and encourages collaboration.

Tech is flexible and guarantees high pay. What’s a girl not to love? Especially a goal-getter like me.

Tech showed me I was teachable. I picked up skills I never dreamt I’d have. I wouldn’t refer to myself as a Jack of all trades but I’m a Social Media Manager, a Tech Content Creator, a Video Editor, a Technical Writer and a UI/UX Designer.

I didn’t become all these in one night. It was a process. A patient one. There were days I lashed out and didn’t want to go on anymore.

The sleepless nights.

I remember working for weeks on just three hours of sleep every day and I was fine. Those were brutal times.

I look back and realized that was when the love boomed.

You will understand if you have someone special you talk to every time even till the wee hours. You just can’t go a day without talking to them. I thought I was doing my job, I didn’t know I was being seduced.

It’s so beautiful to know how much tech cares about me. It understood my personality, showed me what would work, and made me discover my potential on my own.

I didn’t have a background in tech but I pulled through. Tech doesn’t discriminate.

I discovered what it means to work with teams (collaboration) and to be part of a community.

I hit the jackpot when I discovered tech and I’m on my way to doing mind-blowing things with it.

Do you want a relationship like ours? I can hear the “God when?” in your mind. It’s okay to be happy for me.

Don’t worry, tech welcomes everyone. Allow me to show you the world of tech and its uniqueness. There’s a place for everyone in our world.

It won’t be easy because it’s new territory but I assure you, it will be worth your time.

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