Top Skills to Transition to Technical Writing

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Technical writing is one of the no-code skills in tech.

However, some argue that technical writers need to understand the basics of coding.

In my previous post on technical writing, I mentioned there are different forms of technical writing. Your chances of writing codes depend on the niche in technical writing you choose.

Transitioning to technical writing isn’t as difficult as you may think. What you need are the skills required to transition to technical writing.

There’s a reason why it is called technical writing. Writing skills are non-negotiable. If you’ve not written anything before, don’t panic. You can learn this.

Every writer you see out there started from a place of not knowing. What got them better was constant practice.

You can start writing about the events around you or about something you love.

If you can think, you can put your thoughts down. Don’t feel bad if your thoughts are not well-articulated; writing is a process.

It gets better every time you write.

2. Communication:

Have you got good communication skills? I’m not talking about you simply conveying information. Communication is beyond sending and receiving messages.

Communication can only occur when you, the reader, understand the message I am trying to pass across.

Technical writing is about conveying complex information in a way readers can understand easily.

This is why your communication skills are needed.
If you’ve got it, it will be easy to transition to technical writing.

3. Research:

Do you love discovering things? Then you will love technical writing. It will open you to know more about the tech.

Research is needed to explain the information you want to convey to your readers.

As technical writers, we don’t know it all which is okay. It is important to research even if it means consulting the experts.

If this is you, it’s time to put your skill to work.

4. Adaptability:

Do you embrace change or you are disturbed when there is a change?

Adaptability is a top skill in tech, not just technical writing.

It is one skill you will need to be able to win in tech. Tech evolves and your ability to flow with it is very important.

A technical writer is required to grasp the technical subjects quickly. Change is inevitable and you need to understand it fast to explain it to others.

Do you think technical writing is a field in tech you’ll love to explore? I’d like to know your thoughts. Don’t forget to hit the 50 claps, you did great.



Hi, I'm Titilayo. I'm all for sharing relatable stories and knowledge gained from the digital space. You can call me Reina

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Asiloku Titilayo

Hi, I'm Titilayo. I'm all for sharing relatable stories and knowledge gained from the digital space. You can call me Reina